Bathroom Hardware:Bathroom hardware pendant daily cleaning skills

Bathroom Hardware:Bathroom hardware pendant daily cleaning skills

Bathroom Hardware


Bathroom Hardware:how to keep the bathroom hardware clean

Bathroom hardware pendant is a modern bathroom space in the necessary products, although it is generally far from sanitary ware function as significant, but its small head but can give people a comfortable bathroom life, of course, it is in the course of the use It will inevitably be some stains, if not regular and reasonable cleaning, not only the breeding of bacteria, but also make the entire bathroom space bleak colorless, how to clean bathroom hardware pendant?


Bathroom Hardware:Cleaning tips



1. the use of clean water, with pendant dedicated maintenance cloth (or other 100% cotton cloth) wiping pendant.

2. the use of coated with soap or toothpaste wet cloth (pendant special maintenance cloth or other 100% cotton cloth) gently wipe, and then can be cleaned with water, avoid using acidic or alkaline detergent to bathroom hardware to wipe, So as not to damage the metal surface.

3. gently wipe with a mild liquid cleaner or a colorless glass cleaner, then rinse with water.

4. the cycle is generally 3 months, can be used to strong decontamination of wax oil, coated on a clean white cotton cloth, the whole product thoroughly cleaned, may be appropriate to extend the product life. Mixfur Hardware products within five years of non-human causes rust, desoldering and other quality problems, can be free of charge with the purchase certificate or replacement; store customers, within ten years, can enjoy the product free decontamination, wax service.


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