Cabinet pull baskets:How to install the Cabinet pull baskets?

Cabinet pull baskets:How to install the Cabinet pull baskets?

Cabinet pull baskets


Cabinet pull baskets:Installation diagram

First with a tape measure the height of the guide rail
Fix the rails to the inner wall of the cabinet
Installed rails as shown, you can install a few more screws
Will buckle the rail and pull the basket card slot buckle
Use a screw to secure the basket to the other end of the rail
Install the rear basket as shown
With the accessories will pull the basket and cabinet panels fixed
After installation, the bowl rack, tray frame, chopsticks box installed as shown.

Cabinet pull baskets:Installation’s step 

Step 1 select the appropriate drill bit
The general manufacturer will not come to install the cabinet pull basket. So the decorator to learn to install their own. The first step in installing a cupboard is to choose a suitable drill. Because it is necessary to hold the screws, this requires a screw hole. Different cabinet materials and screw sizes require different drills. If your house cabinet material is more rigid, then Xiaobian not recommend you choose cheap glass drill, but should choose a durable marble drill. And the decoration should be based on the cabinet pull the size of the basket in the cabinet and the walls are playing a moderate size of the screw hole.
Step 2 install the screws
After the proper drilling is done at the right place, the screws are required. For the cabinet of the basket is also required to install some of the increase plug, so as to ensure that the screws fixed more solid, more durable. Of course, need to set aside some of the plug in the outside, so easy to place the basket.
Step 3 match the guide rails
Pull the basket is installed from the beginning of the basket track, the first basket will be the size of the track to match. Will be installed after the basket can be installed after the basket can be installed up.

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