Kitchen Hardware:How to maintenance the kitchen hardware?

Kitchen Hardware:How to maintenance the kitchen hardware?

Kitchen Hardware

Kitchen Hardware:Note the following tips 

Kitchen hardware, including rice, metal basket, hinges, slide, etc., the material is generally stainless steel or steel surface spray, spray-based treatment. So how do the kitchen hardware maintenance? In principle all the hardware should be kept clean, dry if the water should be dry in time to prevent water marks or corrosion.


Kitchen Hardware:maintenance tips

First, the kitchen hardware maintenance
Kitchen hardware for dumplings and slides, it is best to add lubricating oil on a regular basis to ensure smooth opening and closing parts. Do not hang heavy or wet material on the handle, if there is loose to adjust the rear of the screw. When the door is missing or loose, you can use the Phillips screwdriver to adjust and tighten the door dumpling.
In use, the kitchen hardware maintenance should note the following:
1. to avoid salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments directly dumped in the hardware, accidentally occurred, should immediately wipe clean;
2. the door hinge should be on the oil, keep open / fit, and prevent moisture and rust;
3. open / draw drawer, avoid excessive force to prevent the slide off or hit;
4. on the high blue, turn blue and other large hardware, pay attention to its rotating stretch direction, avoid the use of force.
5.for the frozen water pipe, should first unscrew the faucet, wrapped with hot towel taps, and then pour warm water, with warm water along the faucet slowly pouring water pipes, so that water pipe thaw. If poured into the water table is still no water outflow, then the water table is also frozen, this time on the water table wrapped in hot towels with warm water (not higher than 30 ℃) pouring, so that the water table thawed, avoid baking with fire.


Second, kitchen utensils hardware maintenance
1. the pot, the kitchen pot is generally wok or stainless steel pot, after each use of detergent or water to wash it clean, and then steamed pot of water, the last map tours a layer of edible oil to prevent rust.
2. stove, after the operation, the need to leave a place on the stove, clean. With a soft damp cloth cleaning agent scrub, the mouth of the mouth with the wire will fire through the brush. After cleaning, the oven can be used.

Third,the kitchen sink maintenance

1.stainless steel sink, cleaning with hammer wire, chemical agent, steel brush grinding, with a soft towel or soft cloth scrub.
2.other materials sink, with detergent to remove oil, keep the sink clean, timely cleaning filter tube after the neck of the tube, so as not to accumulate long-term accumulation of grease.



More than the kitchen hardware maintenance method hope to give you help, the kitchen hardware can be divided into ordinary and special two categories, the former, including hinges, hinges, slide, etc., which includes bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant and so on. Which hinges, slides, hinges and locks in the use of higher frequency, so it is even more important.




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