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Quartz stone basin sinks :what difference between quartz stone and marble?

Quartz stone  basin sinks :what difference between quartz stone and marble?

Quartz stone basin sinks


Marble texture hard, attributes: natural and man-made, quartz stone artificial stone. (Reference) natural stone density is relatively large, natural stone countertop natural stone includes a variety of patterns of granite, marble. Hard texture, anti-scratch function is very raised, good wear resistance, and texture is very beautiful, the cost is relatively low, the most commonly used several price is only a few hundred dollars or so, is a kind of affordable table material.


Quartz stone  basin sinks :Compared with the natural stone 

High-grade natural stone countertops also have a thousand dollars
Disadvantages: 1. Natural stone has a pore, easy backlog grease;2. Natural stone is short, two stitching can not be seamless, easy to breed bacteria gap;
          3. Natural stone density, the need to knot the cabinet support; Although the texture of hard, but the lack of flexibility, in case of a blow will occur cracks, it is difficult to repair, some invisible natural cracks, the case of sudden changes in temperature will be broken; Natural marble brittle, can not make the format more than 1 meter of the table. Special remind natural stone materials may be radioactive and toxic gas, do not meet the environmental requirements, if not a special process, may cause harm to the human body, so the best choice for radiation testing.


Quartz stone  basin sinks:Product description and is feature

         It is also a kind of artificial stone. But because of its unique high cost higher than the average artificial stone, quartz stone is actually a material difference with the artificial stone. complete one quartz stone  as the main raw material, through the introduction of the fully automated control of production technology and equipment, come out after through high temperature and high pressure and then made of one decorative panels.

Quartz stone  basin sinks :Advantage

 To ensure high hardness, high temperature, impact resistance, easy to clean on the basis of any harm to the human body radioactive elements. Using the world’s most advanced technology produced by the ultra-hard environmental composite quartz stone plate, which contains natural quartz up to 93%, also contains resin, mineral pigments and other additives, selected materials by the color and vacuum Forming a very close complex, and then by the complex cutting and surface polishing process to become quartz stone, the surface of this plate as hard as granite, color, like a marble as rich, the structure of the same anti-corrosion as glass, after finishing The shape of artificial stone as perfect. It is because of her excellent performance in many ways, making her the world’s most ideal material for kitchen and table tops and boutique walls.

Quartz stone  basin sinks:How to choose it ?

Quality maybe have many different  quartz stone plate Disadvantages: high price special remind: the quartz stone on the processing technology requires a higher. So had batter choose one credibility and reliable brand .

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