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Shower head :Basic knowledge about how to choose shower head and handle problem when it clogged

Shower head :Basic knowledge about how to choose and handle problem when it clogged

Shower head

Shower head :how to choose?

1.plastic material 

Advantages: good performance of engineering plastics, high strength, affordable
Disadvantages: heat easily variable

2.Hollow copper chrome

Advantages: style, moderate price
Disadvantages: fear of wear, easy to deformation, tube wall thin.

3.Stainless steel

Advantages: and wear resistance, no rust, affordable

Disadvantages: a single style, work is not in place

4.Solid copper chrome plated

Advantages: fine workmanship, electroplating relatively thick, durable
Disadvantages: high prices, style as not much as hollow ones.


5.Aluminum alloy

Advantages: not afraid of wear, lightweight and durable
Disadvantages: a long time use may be black


6.Mixed material

 Advantages: durable, no rust
Disadvantages: high prices

Shower head :choose tips

1. whether the smooth plating smooth;
2. pay attention to determine the merits of the material;
3. asked the sprinkler switch spool material and service life;
4. a reasonable choice of large, small nozzle, the water function;
5. pay attention to the height of the shower and the ground, a reasonable purchase; attention to the water out of the water pressure.


Shower head:how to do when the head is clogged?

1. with acupuncture
Part of the small holes blocked, the head of the shower head with a needle to pierce, until there is no impurities in the hole;
2.with vinegar dip
A lot of empty jam, the vinegar poured in the basin to sprinkle head to immersion is appropriate, soak for ten minutes;
3.with lubricant
Clogging serious, rust lubricant can be very good with the metal affinity and permeability, leaving a protective film;
4. rub with a towel
Use a towel before the end of each shower to shower the shower out of the water and clean it to prevent the remaining scale.


how to handle incrustation?

1.every six months or less, the shower removed with white vinegar soaked, cotton cloth gently wipe the surface of the shower outlet;
2.often with a soft cloth stick a little flour to wipe the shower plating surface, and then rinse with water can make the shower surface bright as new;
3.where the scale can not be used strong acid, so as not to cause corrosion on the surface of the shower;
4. Improper dismantling of the product appearance and internal structure will cause damage;
5.The use of ambient temperature can not exceed 70C, as far as possible away from Yuba and other electrical heat.


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